Top 5 Garage Door Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid


Your garage door is a crucial part of your home, providing security and convenience. To keep it functioning smoothly and extend its lifespan, regular maintenance is essential. However, many homeowners make common mistakes that can lead to costly repairs or even the need for a premature replacement. In this article, we’ll outline the top Parker, CO, garage door maintenance mistakes to avoid, helping you save money and ensure your garage door remains in top-notch condition:

1. Neglecting Regular Inspections:

One of the biggest mistakes is failing to perform routine inspections. Over time, parts can wear out, and minor issues can escalate into major problems. Regularly check for loose hardware, frayed cables, and signs of wear and tear.

2. Skipping Lubrication:

Garage door components need proper lubrication to function smoothly. Avoid the mistake of neglecting this crucial step. Lubricate hinges, rollers, and springs at least twice a year to prevent excessive wear and noise.

3. Ignoring Balance and Alignment:

An unbalanced or misaligned garage door can strain the opener and cause premature wear. Test your door’s balance by disconnecting the opener and manually lifting the door. If it doesn’t stay in place, seek professional assistance.

4. DIY Spring Repairs:

Garage door springs are under high tension and can be dangerous when mishandled. Attempting DIY spring repairs is a common mistake that can lead to serious injuries. Leave spring repairs to trained professionals.

5. Overlooking Professional Maintenance:

Many homeowners underestimate the value of professional maintenance. Regular servicing by experts can catch issues early, prolong your door’s life, and save you money in the long run. It is important for to maintain your custom garage door panels in Parker, CO

Avoiding these common maintenance mistakes can go a long way in ensuring the longevity and reliability of your garage door. Regular inspections, lubrication, and professional maintenance are key to keeping your garage door in excellent condition.

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