Garage Door Opener Installation Mistakes to Watch Out For


Installing a garage door opener is no small task. For this reason, it’s essential to arm yourself with the proper knowledge before beginning the installation process. If done improperly, your unit could be damaged and put you and your family at risk for injury. Here are some common mistakes to avoid for a successful garage door opener installation in Parker, CO:

  • Skipping the Read-Through: It’s always important to read the manufacturer’s instructions before installing. Every model is different, and skipping this step could lead you down a dangerous route.
  • Making Assumptions about Wall Mounting: If your garage door opener unit includes wall mounting hardware, follow all instructions closely for proper placement. Wall mounting should not interfere with the garage door’s movement, and you must ensure sufficient clearance around the unit for it to operate safely.
  • Underestimating the Garage Door Weight: When installing a chain or belt-driven garage door opener, consider how much weight your particular model can support. A unit that’s too weak for your door will not last and can put you at risk of injury.
  • Ignoring the Photo-Eye Sensor: Most modern garage door openers have a photo-eye sensor that sends an invisible beam across the opening when the door is closing. This feature is designed to detect an obstruction in its path, such as a person or pet. It is essential to ensure the photo-eye sensors are properly aligned for optimal safety and performance.
  • Neglecting Lubrication: Watch for any signs of wear and tear on your unit’s moving parts after installation. During garage door maintenance in Lakewood, CO, regular lubrication will help reduce friction between components, resulting in better operation and fewer repairs.

Installing a garage door opener is not a task to be taken lightly. Taking the time to do your research and follow instructions can save you a lot of headaches in the long run. With some patience and caution, your new unit will be up and running quickly!

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